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Cardinal & Gold – History – Yearbook Quotes

  • 1922 Y/B – 1921 game “Few games are more keenly contested than those between the lads in the shadow of the Cathedral and the Jesuit boys Lacy (Loyola fullback) got away in the semi-darkness …
  • Fitzpatrick nailed the big boy 20 yards from the goal posts” Loyola game at Evergreen on Nov 17th-week before Thanksgiving
  • 1923 Y/B — 1922 game — Camp Cardinal at Ellicott City “Ray (Brooks) was without a doubt, the best line plunging end running, forward passing and punting fullback in the state” He was awarded a silver football which now sits in our trophy case (family donated it back in ’84)
  • “Who can forget the thrilling tackles of Broadway Ten Hills Kelly” “The big game of the year is with our ancient rival Loyola …no school boy team in the country could have passed the Cardinals on that day, and though Loyola fought valiantly, she failed” editor note: the reference to ancient rival and this only the 3rd year of football meant that we were playing them in other sports years before.
  • 1926 YB — 1925 game — our opponents were Mt St. Marys Army /Navy /Georgetown Prep, Donaldson, Gonzaga, Poly,Severn, MSJ,Catholic U Frosh, West Catholic, Devitt Prep, Vocational and Loyola
  • 1929 YB — 1928 game– “Although the team won no championships, and although it lost several games, they can regard this season as a success because they conquered Loyola” (14-0)
  • 1933 YB – 1932 game–“In the annual Thanksgiving Day battle with our old rival, all doubt was removed of Calvert Hall’s right to the Maryland A Conference Crown”
  • 1935YB — 1934game– undefeated but two ties –“(Loyola) …game staged on a wet and slippery field before a large crowd , was a thrilling, scoreless deadlock”
  • 1936 YB – 1935 game — Mellendick (playing for Loyola and to coach CHC in 47) fumbled in the end zone for a CH safety. Coach Mellendick redeemed himself in the 2nd qtr with a 23 yd pass and running in a TD for Loyola. (CHC still won)
  • 1937 YB – 1936 game — ” the machine like precision with which they registered touchdowns and the excellence of their defensive line play gave CHC the distinction of being the best coached team in the state.”
  • 1938 YB – 1937 game — “5000 spectators …thrilled by the spectacular aerial attack exhibited by the Cardinals-game played on an Indian summer day.”