Cardinal & Gold – History – Notes

  • Twins — Mike/ Rich Noppenberger ’63 & Don/Dave Fitzmaurice 1968
  • Largest crowd at CHC – 1966 vs City College for MSA 20-20
  • Largest crowd at Russo Stadium October 2002 against Gilman
  • Louis Walker played for Loyola in 1919 and Calvert Hall in 1920
  • CHC/Loyola -father and son: CHC Athletic Director Lou Eckerl coaches our team in 1990s, but his father played for Loyola in 1939.
  • Joe Mellendick plays for Loyola 1935 but coaches Calvert Hall in 1947.
  • Both these coaches played against us for Poly: Dutch Lentz & Fred Kern
  • This Card coach had Joe Brune as his assistant: George Young at City ’66
  • This current Loyola faculty member coached at CHC: John Stewart ’67 JV Lax
  • Cardinal Coach that also had son coach: Tom Bateman Jr ’54 & Tom Bateman III from 64-73, 85-87 and middle son Jim played in the famous 1969 game
  • Champions: 1932,1934, 1957, 1966,1972, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1981, 1982, 2010
  • Ark & Dove Cafe: Where team went for Thanksgiving breakfast in 30s before going to play Loyola. (and after mass at The Cathedral)
  • Been called greatest halfback ever: Dave Parr 52-53 & coach 60-62
  • Shoulda’ won: 1954 Loyola given 5 downs in error to score and win
  • Shoulda’ lost: 1948 CHC shuts out heavily favored Dons 13-0


  • 1966 vs Poly at Kirk Field. The game was played on Monday because of weekend storms. We didn’t play on a Monday again until Gilman 2012 when storms canceled the original Saturday date.
  • The 1966 game vs. City was played for the MSA Championship. City was coached by George Young who played and coached for Calvert Hall before moving to City. Calvert Hall was coached by Fred Kern who later coached at Maryland, VMI & West Point. It was the largest crowd to see the Hall until the 2010 Gilman game. In the ’66 game, the score was tied 20-20 but the extra point kick to win the game hit the crossbar and missed.
  • 1969 Phill Marsiglia kicks a 42-yard field goal to win 17-14 over Loyola with no time left on the clock. Loyola chose not to punt on their 4th down from the 50 and we took over on downs with 34 seconds left. After two passes and a timeout with 4 seconds left, we kicked the game-winner to knock off undefeated Loyola. This is the most exciting play in the history of Thanksgiving wins, although Logan Kurek’s desperation bomb clutch catch in 2012 to go 73 Yards, score, and break a tie game open in the last series of the game is a close second.
  • 1979 Championship game vs Poly at Towson State. The legendary coaches were Augie Waibel for Poly and Augie Miceli for Calvert Hall. The Hall won 14-0.
  • 2001 overtime win vs. Loyola. With the score tied 0-0, teams played the first ever overtime which had recently been adopted; otherwise, the game would have ended with its 9th tie in the series. Calvert Hall scored first to make it 7-0, but Loyola also scored making it 7-6. When Coach Brune decided to go for 2 points, our defense sacked the Don QB to preserve the win.
  • 2012 – A last minute 73-yard bomb from QB Colar Kuhns to Logan Kurek broke a 14-14 tie to win
  • 2013—Loyola wins in overtime on a blocked extra point try. Cards lose 21-20
  • 2014 – Cards win in last 2 minutes with a 30-yard field goal by Peter Ferrara after losing 22-9 in the 3rd quarter.
    Ferrara missed 2 short extra point kicks, but kicked 2 field goals of 25 & 30 yds to win

  • 6 Head Coaches had sons play: Bahr, Nowaskey, Carlozo, Miceli, Mackley, Eckerl.
  • Summer Camps before the 1960 campus: At Coach Burtscher’s shore home in the 30s, at Camp Cardinal Ellicott City till 50s -then Mt St. Mary’s College which is the same place that Loyola now goes for its weekend retreat prior to their game with us.
  • Coaches that had their fathers play in THE GAME: Young, & Eckerl
  • Only 2 to win the Mc Cormick Unsung Hero Award: Tom Sweeney (1947) & Willie Mason (1965)
  • Most famous player — Dwight Schultz (65 team) stars in Hollywood films and had a major role in A-Team series, Star Trek Series & Perry Mason specials
  • He started for the varsity in 1930 as 8th grader– Johnny Krieger. ” He was an 8th grader at the Calvert Country school who later captained the team and played every minute of every game. He was both a left and right footed punter” — Coach Burtscher interviewed March 1994
  • Only player to EVER have jersey retired: Parker Mc Court # 43 has jersey retired by Brother Gabriel in 1959
  • Biggest ONE MAN show on defense: Tim Geltz (LB) makes 30+ unassisted tackles against City in 1962 against G Young team to preserve 8-8 tie
  • Biggest ONE MAN show on offense: Rich Shure’s 5 touchdowns vs Poly 1981… Loyola’s most devious pre-game trick — They painted our alley BLUE in the 20s when CHC was at Cathedral and Mulberry.
  • Best/ Worst JV: 1940 JV never scored. …1924 JV shutout Loyola 73-0
  • Player who has also officiated several Thanksgiving games: Vince Rosso ’55
  • Who starred at Notre Dame & almost made the Colts: Gerry Gray ’55-57
  • One Thanksgiving game which was not against Loyola: St Joe 1925
  • Lou Walker — He scored all 9 pts for CHC to win the 1920 game but was a transfer from Loyola the year before
  • All defense — 6 scoreless ties in the first 15 games — none since Lights out — 1921 game (0-0) called with 3 minutes left account of darkness Most lopsided — Loyola 47-0 (1922) & CHC 56-14 (75) Longest win streak: CHC (7) from 1978-1984 & Loyola (11) 1989-1999
  • Strange game– 1989 Loyola wins the game without a first down. long runs TDs 1992 game played in heavy fog -fans can hardly see the field
  • Delayed game — 1989 overnight snow storm delays game for1 hour 1990 – 30 minute for chains to show up Visiting team wins — from 1968-1975 whoever is on east side– 8
  • 1928 team played 9 games and scored 6 points 7 times. The 8th game was a 0-0 tie and only the Loyola game did we score a different amount when we won 14-0.
  • 2012 Thanksgiving game finds JP McManus, a tackle, catching a pass for an 8 yard gain. The official said because it was tipped he could catch it. Problem is that it was tipped by his own team and not the defense which by rule must be in order for a linemen to catch a pass.
  • Also in the 2012 Thanksgiving Game, Garrett Epple intercepts a pass at the Cardinal 35 yard line with 2 minutes to play and returns it inside the 10 to seal the victory. It is noteworthy because he did the exact same thing in the 2011 game against the same Loyola QB at the same place on the field with the same amount of time left in the game and returning it on the same left hash.

Five Greatest Calvert Hall Plays

  1. 1969 Phill Marsiglia’s 42-yard field goal kick to win the game 17-14 as time expires
  2. In the 2012 Loyola game, Colar Kuhns to Logan Kurek 83 yard pass play to win 21-14 in the last 2 minutes
  3. In the 1983 Loyola game,Gerrick McPhearson’s 70-yard kickoff reverse run to lead us to a 15-14 win in the last minute
  4. Johnny Le Brou’s 1942 open field run vs. Loyola where our players just stopped to watch his dazzling run in the open field to score. The Hall won 26-18.
  5. Steve Dorsey’s open field run in the 1975 56-14 win against Loyola. As Steve was headed toward the goal line, only 1 tackler had a shot to make the tackle. Instead of outrunning him to the goal, Steve chose to run 10 yards towards him so he could give a hit before continuing on for the score.
  • Player who played in both the Poly City and Calvert Hall Loyola game David Larkin played on the 1971 winning Poly team and the 1972 winning Calvert Hall team (18-6). Dave played on back to back championship teams for two different schools.
  • 2014 — The Turkey Bowl was the first time in the history of our 97 years of Turkey Bowls that Calvert Hall came from 13 points down midway in the 2nd half to win. Scoring 22 points in the 2nd half and being 13 points down midway in the 3rd quarter was never a challenge accomplished by any Cardinal team. Only the 1983 game did we come from behind to win, and in that game, we were down 14-8 with 2 minutes to play. We won on a reverse but came back from only 6 points down.
    The 1969 game, we won with no time left – a 42-yard field goal by Marsiglia, but that game was tied 14-14. So, we were not behind. In 1976 we were losing 7-0 and won 56-14, but we were only behind 7-0 for 2 minutes before we tied